Saturday, December 30, 2006

Sometimes I think I'm losing it, am I the only one?

I wish I lived in LA, it sounds like their SnB is full of awesome people. There's not exactly an SnB here, except the craft night at the LYS that I haven't had time to go to.

I've been having knitter ADD. I can not stay on a project long enough to finish it right now. With some, it's simply because I don't have enough yarn to finish and I'm waiting for that. With others, it's because I start them, don't like them, rip them out, and then get so bored/disgusted with the yarn I pick up something else. Here's hoping the scarf I just started will be somethingI can finish. I'm sure it will be-- scarves are easy. I also can't wait to work on the fuzzy sweater, again, but I feel like there's other stuff I gotta do first.

I picked up Dominitrix today, along with some other books. I'm starting to realize that I'm am the person retail stores designed gift cards for. Dad got me a $25 gift certificate to Barnes and Noble, but I walked out with $60 in various books. It doesn't sound like a lot, but I always find interesting things on their $2/5/10 tables.

I was hoping to find Naughty Needles, but sadly my local B&N just doesn't have as many knitting books as I would like. I think it's just cause I'm picky cause they actually have quite a few, but most of them aren't for me. Which is part of the reason I like Domiknitrix-- most of the styles are simpler, with more focus on garment design instead of crazy overdone details. I'm all for cables and bobbles and intarsia and stuff, but it seems like too many books have patterns that are all of that going on at once. Either that or they're full of awful novelty yarn patterns and, frankly, a novelty yarn has to get up pretty early in the morning to impress me.

Either way, I'm stoked. I also picked up something for another secret project, and tomorrow am picking up a hand spindle and some roving from my LYS, which happens to do double duty as a spinning supply shop. Did I mention it's also a block away from my house? How awesome is that?

For now, I'm just going to go knit and watch some bad late night tv.

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