Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Don't be silly, turn on Billie. She's singing us to sleep so we can dream our lives away....

Overheard on the Daily Show just now--

"Do you feel that we might have a lifestyle civil war? Obviously, the red's would win-- they have guns. But you throw a nice hot latte in someone's face, that's not gonna feel good..."

I don't know why, but that cracks me up.

I have not accomplished nearly as much as I've wanted to the last week and a half. While Eric was gone, I originally had a plan to finish touching up the eggplant bathroom, start testing colors for our bedroom, and finish both Grocery Bag #2 and the magenta sweater. Instead I have:

-spent hours on Ravelry
-worked some crazy hours and commuted to different stores
-become obsessed with Dr. Horrible, iTunes, Studio 60 (again), and The Pierces album, Thirteen Tales of Love and Revenge
-watched The Dark Knight (HOLY SHIT Heath Ledger as a spectacular Joker OMG Harvey Dent)
-locked myself out of my house (twice)
-watched some Golden Girls with Rob, both in tribute to the recent passing of Estelle Getty, and because it's a good show. Although I keep finding more and more friends who like the show, the fact is Golden Girls will always be synonymous with Carly.
-slept through my favorite part of Kung Fu Hustle

Thursday will be the day to take care of these things I've been meaning to do, including finishing the first sleeve and starting the second of the pink sweater.

For now, I'm gonna go watch yet another episode of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, then go to bed to start another early morning.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Funny how knowing that I'm being ridiculous about something doesn't seem to make me any less so. I've been feeling really petty and snarky today, overly irritated by the rather innocuous and, in and of themselves, inoffensive actions of others.

In my defense, some of this has been building, brought on by a lot of other shitty actions by the same people that I have been letting slide by.

I should feel bad about getting (inwardly) pissy because everyone I know managed to inconvenience me today, but I don't. As I told Steph earlier, sometimes you just shouldn't have to swallow things. Or more accurately, "we can't be big people all the time."

Monday, July 07, 2008

I had something of any epiphany the other day, brought on by my recently-finished Lace Skirt. Since I currently don't have pictures of the finished garment, I will substitute it with my favorite place in my house:

And my favorite dog doing something that makes him happy:

But I digress.

It occurred to me, as I was flouncing around in my new skirt on the 4th of July, that I could finally put into words the feeling I've always felt when I put on a garment I made myself.

It is this perfect marriage of three things-- the perceived luxury and decadence of owning and wearing custom-made clothing, the self-satisfaction that comes from being able to make something with little more than sticks and string, and the singular feeling of uniqueness in a mass-marketed world. Yes, alteast a few hundred other people have made the same skirt I did, but once you factor in yarn, color, size, and all those tiny modifications that we do to garments, my little faded pink skirt with it's white ribbon trim is like none other.

When we live in a time where everything is made cheaply and shipped from somewhere else, and until recently the idea of making things yourself or choosing handmade over store-bought was considered fringe thinking or something only available to the very wealthy, the notion that simply doing something our predeccesors did out of necessity is forward thinking and just now entering into the mainstream boggles my mind.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

The little things are awesome.

In keeping with my "I'm having a great couple of days" theme-- 4th of July weekend has historically always been a great time, full of friends and barbecue and things to laugh about.

Currently though, now that all the friends who came over for Eric's Birthday Barbecue have gone home, after the super awesome fajitas we made have all been consumed and Gus has played so hard with our friends' dog Otis that he was falling asleep against his will, the things that are making me happiest are

-warm weather
-pandora radio

There's nothing like updating your blog from a comfortable chair on your back patio, with the night breeze flowing over you, the train whistle blowing in the distance, and Fiest playing softly in the background.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

It seems that a holiday isn't a holiday until I hurt myself.

I fell and broke a flower pot with my face last night. Three things:

a)it wasn 't on purpose.
b)the flower pot was this wierd compostable plastic stuff that is designed to break apart anyway.
c)There's a reason that I am known as Jilly, the pitifully uncoordinated.

I wasn't always this way. In fact, I think that the first fall into my bathtub, along with giving me a concussion, permenantly screwed up my equilibrium, because I have fallen more in the last three years than I have in my entire life. And I always manage to take the impact on the left side of my forehead.

Other than that, this has been so far an incredibly enjoyable long weekend.