Thursday, June 07, 2007

I'm glad this week is almost over. Every time I think to myself, well today was kinda meh, but I'll just put it behind me and wake up ready to start another one, the Universe gets all butt-hurt and decides to throw some more random crap my way.

So far my week has including drunk bum temper tantrums, power "half--outages" (where not everything goes off, just the important stuff), being accidentally headbutted in my sleep, prying a slug out of my dog's mouth, and getting a paycheck that was smaller than usual when it's supposed to be the opposite. There's more, but I prefer not to dwell, especially since I've only got so much time to get myself fed and clothed and Gus walked before I go down to the Buffalo.

Huey Lewis, is it true? Is everybody really working for the weekend?