Thursday, January 24, 2008

There's been knitting lately, I swear. But mostly there's been working, with a little bit of reading thrown in. I just finished Full Frontal Feminism, and although it was slightly disheartening (I thought I knew how under attack women's rights were, but even then some of it was still suprising), it renewed my enthusiasm for feminism as a whole. It gives me the warm fuzzies to know that I live in an time full of badass women.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Yay, I'm almost near the end!

Oh Seahawks, this game made me sad. So much snow, so little defense.

Game's only been over for fourty five minutes, and there's already talk of whether or not Mike Holmgren will come back next year. I really, really hope he does.

I have yet to post a year-end or new year post, but I don't think I'm going to do that just yet. Heck, I can't even write the correct date consistently yet, so I think there's still a bit of time.

In other news, I'm very nearly done with the body of my no-name cardigan! There's about and inch of ribbing and a buttonhole left before I can start on the sleeves. I've already said it before, but I'm really loving top-down raglan sweaters. I already know this sweater will fit me exactly the way I want it to, which makes me want to finish it even more.

I've also been working on Mikey's scarf (the Uncle Argyle scarf from Son of Stitch and Bitch) and another slightly secret project (a Christmas gift that is not yet finished-- I know, it's kind of embarrasing.)

The argyle scarf has been awesome, and I've come to the point where I can work the chart from memory, but the lack of contrast between the two colors has been vexing me. Don't get me wrong, I chose dark purple and black on purpose, because Mikey is a dark color sort of guy, who isn't big on lots of contrast or flashy patterns. And so far the scarf looks beautiful in this wonderfully subtle way, but it makes it hard to see the difference in certain lights.

...which brings me to my mini-review of Knit Lites. I bought them because they were on clearance and I needed that particular size, but every once in a while I turn them on, if only to see if they make things a bit easier. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. If anything, having those lights under my stitches puts them in silhouette and makes them more difficult to see, not less. Maybe they'd be good on one-color projects, but for now I just leave them off and look around for a lamp to turn on.

I had a lot more to write about, but I'm currently too enthralled with the playoffs and finishing my cardigan to keep any real train of thought. Maybe after the Jacksonville/New England game is over, though if the Patriots win I'll probably be too irritated to write.