Sunday, March 28, 2010

What A Wicked Gang Are We

I have been a busy little beaver of late. Due to no job luck thusfar, I find myself measuring life by the bands and movies I've seen recently and the projects I've finished.
In the interest of full disclosure to no one in particular:
The most recent band was the always-astonishing Captured By Robots.
The most recent movie wasn't a movie at all, but a bunch of old episodes of Brisco County Jr.
As far as other accomplishments, the list thusfar includes:

-1 painted, organized, and very nearly finished craft room. There's still some touch up painting to do, and some of our (mostly the boy's) stuff that needs to find a home, but languishing 2nd bedroom is finally being put to use! Having a dedicated space for yarn makes me feel like I have my own yarn store in my house, and I am suddenly getting a heck of a lot more use out of my sewing machine now that I can see the top of our desk.

-3 altered t-shirts

-1 skirt made from 3 thrifted tees (complete with the learning experience of making my first ruffles)

-the unearthing of all of my set aside knitting projects-- the various mitts I've started, the ominous and frightening Rambling Rose sweater, the Bond Girl tank I started last summer....
-1 complete Olympics sweater........that was afterwards ripped out because I decided I didn't like it at all. In the grand scheme of sweater Olympics, I feel like I earned a bronze.

-1 pair of socks. They're stripey and purple and fabulous.

-1 reorganized kitchen, with cabinets I can actually use!

I'm only just now getting around to documenting said accomplishments with those picture thingies, mostly because I've been too busy perfecting my Arnold Palmer iced tea/lemonade mixture and spending WAY too much time on the Ravelry message boards.

Truth be told, every new thing just motivates me to craft even more. I fall asleep at night with refashion ideas running through my head and have spent more evenings than I'm willing to admit knitting until the tips of my fingers went numb. I feel like parts of my brain that have been dormant, cast aside while the other parts were consumed by stress and long hours and the constant worry about the next thing, are finally starting to work again.
In short, I finally remembered how fucking fun this all is.