Tuesday, December 19, 2006

3-day weekends are bad for my head.

The hangover's not as bad as I expected, but it's not fun either, especially when I have so much to do. I'm heading over to my mom's to finish laundry and bake cheese crackers, chocolate chip cookies and more cut-out sugar cookies if I can get a chance to go buy more dough (I'm lazy and don't feel like making dough from scratch.)

here's the list:
-finish laundry and cookies
-finish carly's present
-buy supplies for Steph and John's present
-buy supplies for the girl's gift bags (the sachets, bath bombs and something else!)
-make sachets and bath bombs

list for the week:
-switch dressers (I think E and I might actually use our dressers if they were on our sides of the bed)
-clean house
-buy booze
-make finger foods
-find place to set up bar
-move bikes
-try and get office organized before Friday

And then, after this week and Christmas are over, I'm going to collapse in a fit of inactivity.

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