Tuesday, December 12, 2006

You'd have been better to stay 'round our way....

I started a scarf for my sister last night. I had decided to make her a ribbon scarf since, living just outside of Orlando, she doesn't have much use for the warm and cozy kind. I had gotten about six inches into it when I asked myself, if I were 15 and a slave to Aeropostale, would I wear this?

....So I'm giving her gift cards instead. They're much safer. I'm thinking I'll make her some sort of jewelry in the near future, but Christmas is too much pressure to craft for my sister. It's not like with my parents-- Sisters aren't required to pretend they like the crap you make for them, although my sister probably would anyway just to spare my feelings. Either way, I'd rather get her something she actually wants.

I got some errands done today, with the exception of one. I had meant to pick up dried lavender, but I'll have to just save that for my next day off. I would try to do it after work, but the store I need to get it from keeps the same hours my job does. So next day off it is.

My birthday is in five days and I don't really feel that excited over it. It's not that I'm dreading it. I'm just kind of feeling like "whaddayaknow it's my birthday how bout that. " I'm more excited about going to see The Living End the night before and baking snowflake sugar cookies the day after. I'm more excited for Christmas and giving people things that show them I love them. I'm more excited for New Year's, when we tell the old year to kiss our asses goodbye and wave hello to the new one. Birthday? meh.

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