Monday, December 04, 2006

I'm a bad blogger.

How sad, only four days into Holidailies and I've already missed postings!. In my defense, the recent snowy weather wreaked a little bit of havic with our ISP and our router, causing a temporary lack of internet.

We picked up our Christmas tree last night after we got off work. We've put it up and now we just have to shift all the furniture just slighly to make more room for it. I pulled out the suprise I told the boy about-- a big sparkly champagne-colored star for the top.

It made me think of last year, when lacking a topper we stuck a little teddy bear in a pilot costume up there. This was after we had to throw it in the back of the truck, lights and all, to take it from my apartment to the boy's. See, he had bought a tree for my apartment as a suprise, but never quite got around to buying a tree fort his place. By the time he decided to do that, Bellingham had become a tree stand-free state. It wouldn't have been a big deal except he had family coming, including a 2-year-old nephew. We weren't about to let him spend Christmas day without a Christmas tree, so we took most of the breakable ornaments off and carted it over to the boy's apartment.

The whole thing makes me want to launch into a funny tree stories essay, but if I do that I'll miss the football game. Just know one involves a SWAT team.

Crafts are going along slowly but surely. Some of the momentum I had has petered out of me. I suppose working for six days and having to explain, "no, we don't have any more shovels. We ran out six days ago," 187237 times gets a little trying. Also, I've been doing a few more social things after work the last few nights-- seeing a band I really wanted to see, wishing a friend well before he moved down to Portland-- and really, things like that tend to take a slight precedence for me.

Thankfully, I've got the next to days off and my only commitments are to help a friend move some stuff and go grocery shopping with my mom. Otherwise, it's veg city, baby!

Either way, enough excuses. More posting to a journal know one ever sees, and more crafting things that I can't yet talk about. (just in case, you know.)

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