Wednesday, December 06, 2006

An outing with Mum.

As it stands, I now in fact need the Wardrobe Refashion get-out-of-jail-free card. But I'm not using it yet, cause I've still got a little bit of consumer sinning to do. I'm fairly certain I won't be happy until I've picked up that dress from Target, and maybe a pair of shoes to go with it. Makes me want to slap my own hand for being so wicked.

Today was mostly spent on an outing with my mom. Once a month, we drive an hour down to Smokey Point to go grocery shopping.

...yeah, I know. It sounds wierd and I suppose kind of is. But Smokey Point has a commissary, and being retired navy my mother has access to it. The savings are worth the hour trip. On the way, we stopped by a fabric outlet we've been meaning to check out and found to our slight dissappointment it was mostly just quilting fabrics. So the detour wasn't a complete loss, I hit the Gap outlet and picked up a sweater and a couple of t-shirts. (Bad Jilly!)

These excursions with my mom are always two parts enjoyable, one part mildly aggravating. When my mom retired from the navy, she never went back to the workforce, in part due to an illness that would eventually require four surgeries, but probably for some other reasons too. She is not nearly as social as she used to be, and I sometimes think the isolation has prematurely turned her old. The reason I say this--- because she gripes about the price of everything ever made. And these damn (30-yr-old) kids and their video games. Eh, atleast she's a loveable curmudgeon.

While we were out, I picked up a couple of other things. I found an awesome present for my dad-- a barometer! Being a fomer navy man as well, it's right up his alley. Along with that, I got myself the new issue of knit 1. A quick glance through it reveals atleast a few patterns that (unlike most of the regular vogue knitting stuff) aren't entirely ridiculous. Yay! I might not have wasted $6.00!

I'm slowly but surely starting to get the hang of the whole online knitting community thing, beyond just reading the billion blogs I've got bookmarked. Hell, I'm almost ready to write my first tutorial! First to finish my 101 in 1001 (more on this later....)

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