Tuesday, December 26, 2006

He's gonna have a bag of crazy toys to fill the stockings of girls and boys

Merry Christmas to any random person who finds this blog.

I have had an awesome Christms. I got to spend it with E, and we both absolutely loved the presents we got for eachtother. I like centering presents around a theme. A couple of years ago, the presents for my old roommates/best friends were all based on the theme "pink". One friend loves flamingoes and other friend's favorite color was pink, and thus a theme was born. I bought the former a flamingo ornament and a pink brooch (she loves brooches), and filled a giant-sequined pink stocking for the latter with all things pink. She got pink socks and a pink hat and Gap's "pink" scent (her favorite) and pink bracelets and a couple of things I don't even remember.

...But I digress. The theme for E's presents was "pampering", so I got him a super-plush robe, these really rad slippers with memory foam, and a homemade certificate that featured:

-a massage from our local spa
-10 at-home massages from me
-a spa day full of pampering and relaxation, complete with lunch, dinner, and parking meter duties

I included the brochure from said spa so he could pick out the type of massage he wanted the most.

That's not all, but I'm too tired to finish. Goodnight!

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