Sunday, December 10, 2006

Dragging his sack thru a chimney stack, all the little hepcats jump for joy

Okay, I managed to get the move over to Blogger Beta done, but it's gonna take a bit before I can customize this thing the way I want to. I just kinda hate default settings, you know?

The cold I've been trying to outrun finally caught up to me, so I'm planting myself on the couch tonight. The boy was offered a spare ticket to a Guns n' Roses show, so he's currently on his way down to Seattle, which gives me some decent craft and chill time. So I'm playing with beads and yarn.

The design for a pair of earrings that I've been trying to work out is finally starting to take shape after about three failed attempts. It came to me while I was at work and was one of those ideas that is so simple you ask yourself why the hell didn't I think of that sooner, before I did it all these dumb ways?" So I played with that a little bit, but now I'm setting it aside-- I've still got presents to finish!

I've been thinking about hosting a cocktail party for whoever of my friends feels like coming over, and right after I got this idea I saw an article in Domino Magazine about it. I realize this isn't some big shock as just about every home-and-lifestyle magazine has a cocktail party article in December, but what fascinated me was this:

The inside table of contents mentioned how the writer threw this great party and it was so easy and fairly cheap. Easy? Probably. Cheap? God, no. When I tallied up all the things this woman got for this party (which to be fair, does include an artificial tree and ornaments, which she'll be able to use in the future), the total came to just over $1000! I suppose when you're a Fancy Shmancy New York Magazine Editor, this makes sense, but to those of us that live in the real world, spending $100 on thirty custom-printed invitations seems just a little bit nuts for one little cocktail party. Nevermind the custom matchbooks (which I actually secretly dig.)

I'm all for splurging, but damn.

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