Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Craft NIght, technical difficulties, and project procrastination...

The first Craft Night went off without a hitch last week! Everybody came over, project bags in hand, and set down to work. One gal was working on a sweater, another friend started a crochet pattern called "Cowl" that upon further inspection turned out to simply be a tube, but will look cute no matter what they call it. My friend Steph made dishcloths from some chunky cotton I hade leftover, since her husband had managed to get bleach on all the nice ones they got as wedding gifts a month ago. As for me, I divided my time between working on my fluffy sweater and teaching my friend Jen to knit.

I got Jen started on a garter stitch scarf and suddenly realized that I didn't remember what it was like to first start knitting. Teaching Jen reminded me how hard it actually is when you're first starting-- trying to manuever two sticks and a piece of string so that they form a pattern is something most fingers aren't used to doing without practice. So we had some learning glitches, like constantly dropped stitches and cast-on hangups. Ultimately, we got her on the right track and, after going home and ripping her work out and starting over like every knitter since the dawn of time, Jen is getting the hang of it! Next up, purl stitches! The next one is planned for next Wednesday, because I have a feeling with all of the Halloween festivities I probably won't have the energy for one this week.


and pictures don't seem to be uploading,what is happening here? That's the only one I could get Blogger to upload and even then couldn't get a smaller picture of. Pffft.

Since then, I have been diligently working on my fluffy sweater and kool-aid socks....okay, well maybe not diligently. I finished the body of the fluffy sweater almost a week ago and, quite honestly, have not felt like sitting down and doing the math for the sleeves. Also, I wanted to take a small break from constantly being covered in fuzzies. I have a feeling that I may have to rip out the bottom and redo it, as it came out a little bit shorter and wider than planned. It shouldn't set me back too far though.

As for the Kool-aid socks, I am tempted to just rip them out and start over. I wasn't super fond of the pattern when I started, and since I turned the heel I've made a ton of silly errors that I don't catch until six or eight rows later. If it were just one little oops I might just keep going and factor it into the matching sock, but since it's, like, seven little oopses in various spots, I really just want to start over, and this time with a new pattern. Frankly, despite the stupid not-paying-attention mistakes I've made, I kind feel like the whole thing is just a little too easy.

So I took a break and started a simple seed stitch scarf using some "Life" yarn I picked up on clearance at JoAnn. I'm two thirds of the way done and figure once I finish it I'll be ready to go back to the other two things, including the ripping of my first ever sock. Eh, if Jen can do it, so can I.

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