Saturday, October 14, 2006

What? No new clothes for how long?

So it just occurred to me that I completely fulfilled the terms of my 2-month Wardrobe Refashion pledge! In fact, I've been avoiding frivilous clothes shopping for so long, I didn't even realize until that it's actually been almost three months!

(To be honest, I did buy work clothes, but that's okay-- the pledge say so!)

Under normal Jill circumstances, I would immediately run out and buy some new clothes, but for some reason the urge just isn't as strong as it normally is-- that is to say it's there, but not so much. I know that there are so many things in my wardrobe that I've been meaning to get to that I find myself thinking more about that than about new stuff. I also find myself looking more to less mass-marketed, more handmade if and when I can afford it. The goal: More skirts, alter some t-shirts, possibly make a dress out of some old curtains Scarlet O'hara-style, all while keeping up with my knitting and other craft projects. Lofty, I know, but I like to aim high.

I picked up a beaded jewelry book and ReadyMade's How to Make {Almost} Everything yesterday. I've already perused it a few times, but I think I'm gonna go flop down on the couch and read some more.

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