Monday, October 09, 2006

So excited....

8 days until Craft hits newsstands. I wasn't with it enough to get a subscription yet-- heck, I still have yet to get around to renewing my ReadyMade subscription! So I guess I'll have to wait the extra two weeks.

I have the day off today, but I'm not feeling super great. So despite the last vestiges of nice weather outside, I'm probably just going to stay in the house and occupy myself with a pot of tea, some knitting, and a movie, and maybe a good book later on.

I'm finishing up one of my oh-so-easy absolute-favoritest skinny scarves. I been on a mission to start going through my knitting stash, and decided to make yet another skinny scarf from the little bit of blue Homespun I had left. The gosh darn things are just so easy and suprisingly versatile. Depending on the yarn used, all it takes is wrapping it around the neck one or two more times to take it from an airy spring scarf to a warm winter one.

In other news, the swatching article in the current Knitty reminds me of all the reasons I came to terms with knitting swatches, and actually kind of like doing it. It even gave me a few more uses for a swatch that, I feel kind of silly saying, hadn't even occured to me. Someday I may even take all those dumb swatches (the ones I don't pull back out when I'm done with them) and make a really colorful throw with them or something.

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