Thursday, November 02, 2006

Adelle's bracelet 003Now that I've finally given it to her, I can write about the bracelet I made for my friend. I had already made a similar one for myself, but changed hers up a bit. I was starting to run a litttle low on the red and orange beads, so I added some yellow/gold ones in to compensate. It definetely adds to the fall feel I was going for with the first one. I also found a small Buddha charm at the Bead Bazaar and definetly wanted to incorporate that for my newly buddhist buddy. I had to change the placement a couple of times to get it where I wanted it, but ultimately I like the end result and, most importantly, so did she.

Next up is a pair of star earrings for me! The same day I found Buddha, I also picked up some super cool star beads-- two big ones in (I think) mother-of pearl, and about a half dozen each of small white and hematite (shiny black) stars. I found a design in a beading book I picked up that used a bunch of headpins threaded through eachother that looks pretty nifty so I might try that.

It's a good thing it's been rainy and cold, cause I now have about 9 projects that make me not want to leave the house!

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