Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Recipe for a twice-baked burrito (well, maybe only once-baked)

1. Run a bunch of errands on foot in the snow.
2. In the midst of these errands, realize you are hungry and buy a burrito at the local Taco Del Mar.
3. Stop buy the yarn store on your way home. Get in long conversation with the gal that works there about the best yarn to knit a hat for a chemo patient with. (oh crap, ended with a prepostition, ah well.)
4. Get home and go to check email, completely forgetting about food.
5. Realize ten minutes later that you had food waiting for you that has now gone stone-cold.
6. Heat oven to 300 degrees (or whatever random temperature you think will heat said food)
7. Put burrito in and forget about it for fifteen to twenty minutes.
8. Take out burrito and, wearing oven mitt, eat, making sure to peel off foil as you go.

I loved my snow day. It wasn't so good to start with-- our heat went out and left our apartment at around 47 degrees-- but once the heat got fixed I had a wonderful day. While the house warmed back up, I ventured out into the 14-or-so inches of snow to get some tea and stop by the Black Drop Coffeehouse. I was planning to sit down and knit for a while, but they were packed, so I got my cambric and left. I went and picked up some tea at a local tea-and-spice shop and, after picking up the previously mentioned burrito, headed home, made some tea, amd sat down to some knitting. I am now 3/4 of the way done with another Christmas present. I don't know why I'm not elaborating about the presents I'm working on. I've kept the craft blog hidden enough that I know the recipients aren't going to find out. So why am I so paranoid?

My big goal for this week is to pick up the stuff needed to make home-made bath bombs and lavender sachets. It would be much easier if I had grown lavender this year, but I didn't so now I have to find dried lavender somewhere else. Good luck to me, I guess.

The other reason I like snow days? Living in downtown Bellingham, I'm near quite a few things, inlcuding the local bar, its awesome food, and its Monday Night Football crowd. The boy and I went over there and cheered on the Seahawks while I indulged in one of the best Philly cheesesteaks outside of the northeast. Ah, wonderful snow days....

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