Thursday, November 02, 2006

This round up thing sounds good!

I got this idea from miss Samurai Knitter-- a quick log of what you finished in the last month, and what your goals are now. I kind of like it, especially since I am one of those who is easily distracted-- hence, the scarf I just started and the socks currently languishing.

I'm cheating though-- I'm recapping from when I started this blog so that I can include the stripey sweater.

So let's see...
Long-awaited stripey sweater....check.
Addelle's bracelet.....made and finally given. check
Leaf armwarmers......finished and being worn constantly. check!
Another skinny I need another one, but check nonetheless.

As for this month....
Priority one is finishing the fluffy sweater, if only so I can stop getting fuzz everywhere! After (and most likely during) that is getting Christmas presents started. I'm not even sure who's getting what yet, so I better get cracking. I'm probably going to finish the scarf within the next couple of days, since I'm about six inches from being done anyway. As for my kool-aid socks, I'm keeping them in mind but since I'm starting over, they can wait for a bit while I find a pattern I like better. I'm also going to help Jen tackle purl stitches next week. She wants to be done with the scarf she's working on by then, so we should have a fresh project to work with.

Now let's see how close I actually come to this list by the end of the month!

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