Monday, November 06, 2006

Scarf action

I finished the I'm-taking-a-break-from-tricky-things scarf, just in time to wear out on Saturday night. I still have a spare skein and am debating about adding fringe, but I think it might be a bit too much. I mean it's already got seed stitch, color variations, and a little shimmer within the yarn--- what more do I really need to add to this?

Yes I know, it looks SO fashionable when paired with my too-big Bumbershoot sweatshirt from '04. :)

The rain has been pouring off and on since Saturday afternoon. Here and there I see a flash of lightning or hear a distant thundercloud. I think this is definetely going to be a stay inside day. In fact, I should probably get moving since I still have a little running around to do. I planned to stop off at my LYS, run by the bank, and lastly, pay those stupid parking tickets.

That's one thing that I'm ashamed to admit I get a sense of pleasure out of--- the fact that the meter maids get to spend their workday in the pouring rain. Now if only it were about 20 degrees colder....

We're in the process of having our kitchen re-drywalled, so I think I may take laundry and knitting over to my mom's so I can stay out of the way. It's really strange to see the walls in our kitchen... well, flat. They've always been slightly warped since I moved into this place a year and a half ago, but building construction last spring caused giant cracks to spread all over the place. We're talking big, gaping cracks, some as much 1 1/2" wide. While I won't miss that, I will miss the big flower that was painted there.

I started it on a whim one day to give my kitchen some fun color. It was giant-- about four feet tall, give or take. I had to sit on top of my fridge to paint the top petal and at the time chuckled at how I must have looked to anyone walking by. It was probably funny looking to begin with, but got even funnier when I almost toppled off the fridge. I had planned to add a few more and paint the part of the wall below the chair rail pink, but once things started getting all crack-y that went out the window. Ah well, the one big flower was fun while it lasted, back to boring off-white. For now it just looks like the bottom picture-- bare grey drywall.

Okay, I've sat here long enough. Time to get moving!

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