Sunday, January 21, 2007

So we housed a kitty last night. We've been seeing her around the apartment building and originally thought she belonged to one of our neighbors, but after petting her we realized that she was too skinny to belong to someone. and really affectionate and people-oriented in a way that implies that someone lost or abandoned her. So we fed her, and let her hang out in our apartment, and ultimately fell so in love with her that we decided if she stayed around we would take her to the vet on Monday and find out what she needs for us to keeep her and have her healthy. We didn't want to kick her out last night, but we also didn't want to find cat poop on our rug, so we put her outside but left her food and planned on buying a litter box pretty soon.

I fed her this morning, but we didn't see her tonight. E is slightly/pretty/mostly heartbroken. Fact is, I'm slightly heartbroken too. We were hoping to take her in and put out some "found" ads and hope that no one answered so we could keep her as our own. Know how hard it is to wake up a kitty sleeping at your feet just to tell them to go outside? Yeah.

Hopefully she'll show up tomorrow. I think that she's hungry enough that she will come find food where she knows she can get it. If not, I wish her safe journey, wherever she may go.


shelley said...

Good luck with the kitty, its so easy to fall in love isn't it?

I saw your post as jillybean at samarai knitter and I respectfully ask if your nickname is related to jilly in the Charles DeLint novels whose nickname is jillybean as well. She is a artist and a very sypathetic and interesting character in his works.

Bells said...

well that's kind of sad, kind of not. Sad for you, but good for her if she ended up back where she belongs or if she found somewhere else to hang. Did you start thinking of a name?

Jilly Bean said...


Actually, it's not. My nickname has always been Jill (short for Jillian and Jilliana), but a fellow I worked with always called me Jilly Bean (oddly enough, he was nicknamed Fish but that is another story). It went on like that for about a year before my roommates caught on. They started calling me Jilly Bean, then shortly thereafter all of my friends started referring to me that way. I'm pretty much stuck with it, but that's okay since I like it.

Jilly Bean said...


We were thinking of calling her Hobo.

I definetly think it's good if she made it back home. I would hope that someone had lost her and was missing her, as opposed to the alternative of someone just abandoning her, and maybe they managed to find her. It was hard to see the look on E's face as he checked outside hoping to see her. I'm really just hoping she found somewhere warm and dry and safe to be.

Bells said...

Cool name! Hobo is so fitting.

I posted a link to the store I bought the sock yarn from on my blog for you. :-)