Monday, January 22, 2007

I'm proud to be someone who does things and sometimes scrapes my knees...

It's official, the sweater addiction has reached dangerous levels. I now own 40 sweaters. I could wear a sweater every weekday for two months without a repeat!*

...and I just deleted a giant paragraph full of excuses for being a sweater addict. It sounded too much like an alcoholic trying to explain why he isn't an alcoholic.

The thing is, if loving knitwear is wrong, I don't want to be right.

On the cool side, I did find a couple of sweaters that are ripe for re-engineering. Well, maybe. One is perfect, but the other one may be cut from knit fabric, which will leave me nothing but a bunch of short strings.

Tomorrow is definetely picture day-- of my new yarn, and my finished keyhole scarf!

*I actually own more than that, but the rest are for recycling projects. The official sweater count only includes sweaters I've bought with the intention of wearing.


Bells said...

that's not so bad. I think you should be proud of your love of sweaters and embrace it!

For a minute I thought you had 40 sweaters you had MADE and I was going to applaud so loudly you'd have heard me all the way from down under!

Jilly Bean said...

No, I'm not NEARLY industrious enough to make 40 sweaters. I'm just now working on finishing up my third!