Monday, January 22, 2007

Now where the heck do I put it all?

So when I say I went to town with the whole stash-building thing, I meant it---

stash building!
Click on picture to see details about what the heck all those yarns are.

Two of this, three of that. Oh, you only have one left? Don't worry, I'll take it!

Bells had it right that I'm a yarn store owner's dream. While everyone else is busting their stash, I'm buying up oddballs like it's going out of style! So now I've got a ton of yarn for a bunch of little things. On the upside, I didn't really have much of a stash too begin with, so now I can atleast relate a little to those gals with yarn closets (or even, dare I say, yarn rooms!)

As mentioned, I also finished the slightly-short-kinda-stripey-cable-keyhole scarf, with the exception of blocking and weaving in ends. I don't know that it really needs to be blocked, but frankly I could use the practice and I think that cable pattern could benefit from it.

Full-size photo when it's all finished. As for now, the goal is to take a shower and go out, with the hopes of procuring lavender, more roving, and something to make for dinner tonight. I'm thinking I might do spinach lasagna....

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Bells said...

yep. block the scarf. I agree. Cables need it. It's just a nice way to finish something, I think.

go stash frenzy!

I've decided I never want to get down to minimal stash. What if I lose my job, or I'm home with a baby and no income? I'll need supplies, right?