Saturday, January 06, 2007

Like a well worn shoe I'm slipping right into place...

The subject is a lyric from a song, which is followed by the line-- "every one of those 3000 miles, I was wishing I was kissing your face."
I don't know why, but I love it.

As soon as I finish E's scarf, dubbed the "Tube Sock Scarf" (pictures and an explanation later), and the random scarf I'm working on, I'm completely friggin' done with scarves. However, I might eat those words, depending on what I buy tomorrow.

An LYS nearby is closing doors and selling all their remaining yarn at 50% off. someof them are only one or two skeins, which can mean scarf or some other item (hence eating one's words.) Somehow when I went in there today it didn't dawn on me that everything left was 50% off, so I was a bit choosier and less spendy than I would be given the circumstances. When I went to the register the ring up what I had chosen, I was caught off guard by the total and informed that the things I had thought were full price were ALSO super cheap. So I'm going back on my lunch to basically buy everything left in the store. We're talking damn nice yarn for the same price as okay/decent yarn. Woohoo!

Either way, no matter what happens, I'm taking a break from scarves. Hell, I might even work something from a pattern. (!!!)

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