Friday, June 06, 2008

Sometimes I wish I walked around with a tiny music player (think boom box more than mp3) that could play some sort of victory song for those small, rather insignificant accomplishments one has every day. You know, those moments when you have exact change at the store, or nab the perfect parking spot, or get through an interaction with the world's worst customer without saying anything snarky? How awesome would it be if at that moment "We are the Champions" suddenly started playing?

I don't know about you, but it would certainly make my day atleast 17% more kick-ass.


Carly said...

This is my favorite comedian's take on it. At least I hope...I am posting this comment at work so I don't have the sound turned on. It should be about being a rockstar at work. Also I am sorry that I am making you copy and paste the link. I don't know all the cool tricks yet.

Jilly Bean said...

That makes me want to go find poster board and make signs for everybody. My favorite part is about Steve the drywaller. "Steve's a drywaller. He makes walls. That shit doesn't go up by itself!"