Tuesday, April 03, 2007

We're home.... kinda.

We have survived the move, the furntiture assembly, atleast most of it, and the figuring out of where to put things (there was almost some bloodshed there. At one point we got so escalated E threatened to throw my beloved ugly chair away, the one I've had since the days when I lived in the Blue House, but we compromised and put it in the bedroom until I carry out my plan of eventually getting it reupholstered. ) Everything else should be smoother sailing from there.

Currently, I've got about three hours to get this house slightly more put together before the lady from the Alternative Humane Society comes over. She's meeting us here to fill out the adoption paperwork on our (hopefully) soon-to-be dog, Gus. While the boxes aren't as high as our heads anymore, I' m still a little worried that she's going to take one look at all the moving chaos, brand us as unfit dog parents, and not let us adopt him. It's a silly thought, as they are aware we just moved, but one I'm having nonetheless.

Alright, enough dawdling. My living room and craft room aren't going to unpack themselves!

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