Saturday, April 14, 2007

The dog is home.

Gus is here, and has been for about a week. He's absolutely adorable, and if I could figure out which box we packed the camera in my blog would be flooded with pictures of him. However, it's been a bit of a roller coaster-- first he was afraid of absolutely everything, like stairs and inside the house and then outside the house and other dogs and sometimes people. He spent his first 7 months on a farm where he was not exposed to any other dogs or for that matter people so he's got a bit of a learning curve.

The first day, it took us half an hour to coax him out from under our truck. Then it took another couple hours to get him to really leave the corner of the living room that he had barricaded himself in. It took us two days to get him to use stairs. We're still working on the leash issue (he's never had one before, and he's constantly testing the boundaries.)

Currently, Gus has been tearing around the house because he can't go outside. He was just neutered on Tuesday and they want him to stay in the house for 10 days. He's like a kid with chicken pox-- he feels fine other than a little discomfort and has all this energy with nowhere to put it. I can't wait to take him outside and let him run, cause he's being a bit crazy.

...and shit, I have to go clean up...well, shit again. I'll finish this later...

...okay, the poop has been cleaned up and thrown out. Such is my life lately.

I managed to get a small bit of crafting in. The day before we got Gus, I sat down and made some of the stitch markers I've been meaning to finish. I made a set for my friend Steph, and a set for either myself or another friend. I originally bought the beads to make a set for me, but I think my friend could use them more. We've all been having some stressful times and I think she would appreciate a gift. The cool thing is, even though I'm a knitter and she's a crocheter (as most of my friends are), the stitch markers will work for both. Instead of jump rings for the tops, I used earring findings that hinge open. Knitters can use them like normal by just slipping them on the needle, and crocheters can use them by openeing the clasp and putting them where they need to go. I love things that multi-task!

This has been an uber-stressful week, the latest in a stressful two months. Most of it has been good stress, but stress nonetheless. Tomorrow will be more of the same, as my schedule is packed to the gills with the multiple sclurosis benefit walk, work (it's inventory day), and a big seder dinner. I often think lately about how nice it would be to actually sleep more than 7 hours. But I made a pact with E that I'll hang in there as long as he does. We even pinkie swore on it. So I guess it will all work out in the end.

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