Thursday, September 28, 2006

So I think I've started this as my craft blog, but I don't know how much it's going to get used. In fact, the only thing I have worth putting in here right now is a cross-post from Wardrobe Refashion.....enjoy!

I finally have something to post in here! How exciting!While I have been busy crafting, a lot of what I was making was coming from my stash and therefore not really a refashion, but this one definetely is! I found an old sweater at a thrift store that was ugly, but had a ton of useful yarn and at $3.00 was too good to pass up. So I bought it and set to work taking it apart.I managed to get most of this sweater knit in a short time, but had to put it on hold for months because I didn't have enough of the color I wanted for the sleeves. One of the drawbacks of reknitted sweaters is that you can't just go to the LYS to pick more up if you run out. So after a lot of searching, I found a yarn that, while not being exact, was pretty darn close to what I've been using. And now it's finally done, just in time for fall!
stripey sweater 1
stripey sweater 2

I was too tired the other day to take a decent picture wearing it, and now my camera's just a little bit dead, so eventually I'll have a better one!Now I think I'm going to start a hoodie, just as soon as I decide whether it's going to be pink with black sleeves/hood or black with pink sleeves. Decisions, decisions.....

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