Tuesday, December 25, 2007

So far Christmas has been pretty rockin'. We held to our usual Christmas Eve tradition of watching Christmas specials and eating pizza, then I came home and finished wrapping and sewing up loose ends, both literally and figuratively.

As for now, I'm currently updating on my new laptop, courtesy of Eric, while we watch a shit ton of Metalocalypse, one of Eric's presents. A lot of the knitting has been accomplished, but I decided to take a break, so everybody else gets things a tad late. Gus ripped open his presents like any kid on Christmas, and has been happily playing with his new toys. (Truth be told, he played a little too hard and had to have them confiscated briefly, but otherwise things have been pretty smooth.)

In about an hour, we're heading to my mom's for dinner. All in all, with one awkward and odd occurence on Saturday, I've had a pretty enjoyable holiday. Hope all of y'all are having the same!

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Carly said...

Oh my god! If Andy makes me watch anymore Metalocalypse I think I am going to scream. I don't find the show funny at all, but I do owe Andy. Afterall I have made him watch how many hours of the G. Girls?